About Ubuntu Leadership

The Ubuntu Leadership Approach

We create cultures from two angles: From Leadership down & From People up

Ubuntu Leadership

Ubuntu is an African philosophy that is credited for the absence of violent retaliation from the black community at the end of apartheid in South Africa. It says that “my humanity exists in your humanity” or “my excellence is found in your excellence”. It is a philosophy that recognizes we are all in this together and directly relates to organizations that are seeking synergy between all their parts and people in their organization. The Ubuntu philosophy is given life though is a unique type of leadership skill. A skill set born in the social sector where money does not motivate. As Jim Collins puts it, it is level 5 leadership.

Ability Range

We suggest that people have a range in their own ability, from ‘poor’ through to ‘great’. Companies don’t pay employees to be at the ‘poor’ end of the scale, they need them at the ‘great’ end as often as possible. Thus all of our training is centered around having people know how to be at their best as often as possible. This is not about motivation, it is about equipping people with skills and wisdom so that the innate efforts they make everyday to do well, bear fruit. The tools we offer to do this are highly unique, very simple, have been tested at Olympic and World Championship level and people fall in love with them.

Our services therefore show people what they are capable of and leaders how to create cultures that tap into all that their people are capable of.

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