Kylie Harker

Building Communities Around Brands

Kylie builds communities around brands. With a phenomenal insight into what makes a customer love a company and her 20 years of experience turning businesses into social hubs, Kylie has a unique gift for turning customers in to communities, and communities into profits.

“Kylie has that rare mix of objective logic and authentic heart. She’ll not only help you get the results you seek and give you tools for success, but also give you meaning in what you do.”

Ben McEwing – Director – Story Lab

Testimony to her talents, Kylie was instrumental in creating the CRM for Melbourne’s iconic fashion destination, Anton’s, which grew repeat clientele to make up over 40% of annual turnover.  She grew the turnover of a fledgling café 800% in a 12month period and set up crucial joint ventures that drove customers to Speigeltent’s flagship product ‘Le Clique’, preceding their USA success.

What sets Kylie’s services apart is her incredible ability to firstly see where massive growth opportunities lie in any business, and secondly her versatility in skill set to be able to develop and roll out the solution. For past clients such solutions have included:

  • Customising products and merchandising
  • Talent recognition & development programs
  • CRM Implementation & Training
  • Staff Training
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Sales process development
  • Workflow processes development
  • Quality control processes

The result is that businesses enjoy fantastic relationships with their customers, repeat business, significant customer referrals, brand loyalty and a they become hub for the products their customers love.

Other places you may have seen Kylies work:

  • Goonawarra Winery
  • Finches Guesthouse – Beechworth
  • Exchange Student assimilation program – Seattle, USA