Bard – New York City

Bard – New York City

Bard High School

Early College, was to be a government school that allowed talented students to be fast tracked through the system. Year 11 and 12 effectively became 1st and 2nd year of University so that students left high school with 2 years of university credits.

Mark’s primary role was to establish the culture of the new school so that students let go of violence and aggression and instead took on an academic nature and full ownership of their school.

President Obama

The project had the glamour of being monitored by the New York Times however at the grass roots level Mark was in the front line of a school that had no furniture, where the kids were subject to metal detectors and their lockers were removed.

September 11, Twin TowersFurther, in the second week of its establishment the entire school saw the twin towers fall when they were struck by planes. In a school being lead by university professors and academics Mark was left to regain order of the distraught student body of 250 students and spend the day and weeks facilitating their experience.

President Obama Regardless the obstacles the project has been a huge success with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation using it as a model for ___ new schools it has financed across America and in 2009 President Barack Obama acknowledged Bard High School for it educational innovation.