Braaap University

Braaap University

Founded by Brad Smith at just 17years of age and turning over a million dollars in its first year, braaap is an incredible Australian success story.

This success early lead to rapid expansion however although the manufacturing of their motorbikes and parts was able to expand quickly without a quality reduction, the duplication of quality staff was harder. braaap

In 2010, Elite Thinking interviewed the key staff at braaap and developed their professional skills into an online training program. The program was a combination of video, audio and documentation that could be used by an infinite number of employees.

Of particular effectiveness was the defining of the braaap culture and how that was expected to embodied in staff. This reduced the ‘grey areas’ that allow poor employees to hide in.

The program is now called ‘braaap University ‘and continues to be used at braaap expands.