The Interlocken Centre for Experimental Education

The Interlocken Centre for Experimental Education was a summer camp in New Hampshire USA. Founded by Richard Herman some 40 years ago, it’s passion was bridging cultural diversity, long before it was contemporized.

It’s first attendees were the international children of parents who worked for the United Nations and were based in the USA. Later Interlocken attracted international participants to its annual summer programs as well as leading intercultural bridging programs into Communist China, Cuba and Israel.

Over ten seasons Mark’s role there included:

  • Leading America’s largest ever inter-cultural program between inner-city & Navajo students.
  • Camp Assistant Director
  • Designed and lead the Leader In Training Program
  • Director of Fall School Programs
  • Designed & lead staff orientation & training

Reference to Mark’s work there can be found in the book The Interlocken Difference