Simunye Project

Simunye Project

The Simunye Project

Passionate about changing lives in Africa, Peter co-founder this nonprofit organization to significantly help and bring global awareness to poverty issues in parts of Africa.

His work with underprivileged communities in South Africa and significant leadership roles in Australia allowed him to bridge the two communities in a way that developed young Australian leaders while aiding specific African communities.

The program involves students, volunteers and business communities all raising money and then taking 100% of that money to Africa.

When there, they build and share resources that the community needs to break the poverty cycle.

Projects included building schools, toilets, farming projects and health care services.

The Simunye Project develops in people a broader awareness of their world by providing them access to communities where they can make a real difference.

On programs, Peter leads people through the challenging projects that require teamwork, quick thinking, empathy and mental strength.

He opens up conversations that allow participants to learn valuable lessons while making significant contributions to others less privileged.

The Project’s contributions to communities have had sustainable success and the participants have left South Africa a better place.

It has been operating since 2005 and has taken $100,000 to Africa, primarily raised by school students.