Summit Adventure Park

Summit Adventure Park

The Summit

An education venue that makes you go “WOW!”

In 2009 Elite Thinking was asked to take a hands on role in the founding of a new educational training and camp venue to be called The Summit.

Ryan Doughty had purchased a run down venue after he had snapped his neck and become paralyzed in gym accident. He rejected surgery, choosing to lay perfectly still for 3 months to let his body heal naturally instead. It actually worked!!! So he wanted to change his life and to build a place that inspired others.

Elite Thinking’s role was to design the venue, activities and educational models so that anyone that came on the property or experienced the activities would say “WOW!”

Further, all staff were training by Elite Thinking in both leadership skills and social skills so that every guest felt like they had made new friends. In just 18 months The Summit grew from turning over $300k a year to $1million a year and has been fully booked since. It impacts the lives of approximately 200 to 500 people a week.