Unique Leadership Intensive

African PowerPlay 7-day Trip

If you really want to dramatically expand your leadership insight and capacity our African PowerPlay is a unique 7-day experience in South Africa combining corporate social responsibility projects with  an intensive Ubuntu Leadership Curriculum, all designed to transfer back into your organization in tangible ways.

The program consists of three sections:

  • Sessions of Elite Thinking training in Australia.
  • Work with an underprivileged community in South Africa to improve facilities. In the evening, highly skilled facilitators will assist you to tap into the rich experiences of the day (including time in a wildlife parks), discover the absolute essence of both leadership and elite thinking and transfer them to your workplace.
  • Coaching and accountability calls upon return to Australia to assist you to embed the learning into your workplace.

African PowerPlay You will return to Australia refreshed, inspired and equipped with the attitudes of an elite thinker.

Suits leadership teams embarking on significant goals, projects or periods of change, organizations that value real, sustainable corporate social responsibility and companies looking for a unique talent management toolkit to engage emerging and retain current high potential leaders.

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