Leadership Consultancy

Leading a culture that creates your vision.

We bring 20 years of unique experience in leading, developing and rolling out customized cultures for world class results. Our solid and proven understanding of the fundamental principles of Ubuntu Leadership allows us to customize completely unique programs for our clients without the risk that would typically apply to new cultural ventures.  Our dynamic, entertaining and highly qualified team will make the evolution of your culture easier and more exciting that you could imagine. You can expect:

  • Unique buy-in from your staff
  • New skills and talents to be discovered in your people
  • A fundamental change in the way that your people think and work together
  • Momentum as the culture takes on a life of its own
  • A broader social and professional reach than you thought your organization was capable of
  • Everyone smiling and excelling so much more

We really love our work and we know you will love the journey. Please be in touch and we can outline how a cultural evolution could be rolled out in your organization.

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The highest praise I can give Mark is that while he does not at present possess the credential to be admitted, say, to America's premier school for teachers, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I'd say that he's more effective as a teacher than their graduates with whom I have worked.
U Ba Win, Vice-President for Early College Policy and Programs, Bard College - New York City