Keynote Presentations

“The way Mark was able to make his point or points with a degree of humor made his presentation and the way he connected with my group of players more engaging and it made them absorb the information much more.”
Gary Ayer
5 x Premiership Player
& AFL Coach

When there is one chance to inspire your people, you need to get it right!

For 20 years we have presented to both the toughest and most passionate of audiences with a particular knack for customizing content to your organizations needs, while being entertaining in the process.

Whether it be launching a new idea to your organization, lifting a staff culture or motivating a team, we have the experience, content and skill to do it.

Keynotes Mark Dobson

Key Notes by Mark Dobson

Elite Thinking Behind Elite Results

Mark shares the mindset he has consistently observed and cultivated while coaching at the highest level, in multiple fields. The audience experiences both inspiration and a new awareness of just how accessible their own personal best is.

Mental Toughness

Has an audience understand how they produce their best performance so that it can be used to tap into what they are capable of, particularly when performance is crucial. Regularly used by Olympians and business leaders, this mental strategy for enhancing performance is masterful.

“Mark and Peter’s Best Day Thinking strategy is absolute gold!
I am still astounded at how powerful it is in competition and how effective it is at dissolving the things that would have previously damaged my performances.
Matt Targett
World Champion Gold Medalist
Men’s 4x100 Freetsyle Relay 2011

Vision & Values that drive Innovation

This presentation explores the modern use of vision & values in achieving any endeavor. It clearly exposes the limitations of goal setting in comparison to a clear ‘Vision’ (not mission statement) and explains how a vision which seeks authentic success will naturally tap into the emotion of a community and empowers employees to contribute in infinite ways.

“I’d say that he’s more effective as a teacher than their (Harvard Graduate School of Education) graduates with whom I have worked.”
U Ba Win,
Vice-President for Early College Policy and Programs,
Bard College - New York City

Lifting Ability to a Higher Level

“Thank you for helping me realize what I am capable of.
Turning me from ‘player’ to ‘athlete’. From ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’.”
Gines Satchithanandam

Mark has been associated with six world records, 12 Australian Championships and a host of International medals and achievements. This presentation explores what he does to take average performance to world class level in 6 weeks or less.

*In six weeks Ginesh went from being unranked to achieving 4th at the ISCA World Championships in 2009, and to becoming Australian Karate Champion three months later.

Keeping & Motivating Gen Y

“You have injected an amazing amount of energy into our organization and for me personally you have been a real inspiration. All members of our team now have better goals and best of all – their belief in themselves and their futures is higher than ever. Thanks a million.”
Paul Burgess
CEO Link Up International

The modern generation want everything NOW and they want to get paid well from day one so it’s essential that you don’t lose a moment getting them to perform at their best. This session explores the five principles of flushing out ability and how to manage the ability once you have awoken it. With special focus on what provokes work ethic in Gen Y.


Time Management in the new Era

Time management is one of the most powerful tools to master in life! This presentation offers a completely fresh look at time management, offering an approach that is personally customizable, compelling, very effective and accommodates the modern push for speed and urgency.

This will change the way you see time.