Upcoming Events

Leadership Course
1 Day Course. Explores philosophy and skill of Ubuntu Leadership - an African philosophy that is credited for the absence of violent retaliation from the black community at the end of apartheid in South Africa.
Motivation – Staff, Teams & Self
1 Day Course. Presented by performance coach Mark Dobson this day will blow your mind with insights into performance.
Intro to Elite Thinking
1 day course. This course looks at the fundamental principles of Elite Thinking and how they can be used to improve what participants experience in their business, sport or family.
Public Speaking
1 Day Course. Public speaking is a skill that can be learnt. This unique one day course looks at both the skill of structuring a talk that people love as well as exploring the fears and challenges people experience with public presentations.
CEO Intensives
7 day experience plus preparation and debrief days. This amazing trip is open to the public just once a year. With lead in preparation days, seven days in South Africa and key follow up days here in Australia, this is an amazing opportunity to grow in profound ways.